“Good pálinka, good health,
a nice girl, a nice wife.
A wife of beauty, good at heart,
a horse with a pleasant walk,
neither should ever get old.”

Dear Visitors, 

Welcome to the homepage of our Szamosszegi Pálinkahouse. Visit us either as a customer or a client as soon as you can and have pleasure in tasting our original home-made pot-still (=kisüsti) pálinka.

Day by day our team keeps working hard to present our honoured guests with the life-giving sunshine stored in garden fruits in the form of liquid drops.

Managing directors Tímea Kiss and dr. Imre Bozsik

Become a master!

Come and do the course of Master of pálinka-making and Master of pálinka flavour, or both.

Our Szamosszegi Pálinkahouse has been a regional demonstration venue for the tasks of the training of master of pálinka-making and master of pálinka flavour experts. The practical training and the practical exam, which are organised once or twice a year, take place in our Pálinkahouse. Those who pass the exam successfully get a National Qualifications Register (OKJ) diploma.

Besides training masters of pálinka-making, we have also created a professional perception assessment centre to complete the parallel and simultaneous testing of the aroma and flavour of the distillates; furthermore we have coupled these assessment processes of the senses with displays due to our partnership with higher education.