About Szatmár and Szamosszeg


Szatmár, an area unitary both geographically and ethnographically, can be found in the Upper-Tisza River region, the great majority of which is registered as a nature reserve area of major national importance. The natural beauty of the scenery offers everlasting experiences for those who long for peace and quiet or an untroubled rest, who are lovers of water.

The image we now have of the Szatmár plain has been formed over thousands of years. The greatest treasure of the region is its fruits: the plum, the apple and the walnut.

These fruits grow either in the natural flood-basin orchards inseminated by the turbulent rivers of Tisza and Szamos or in cultivated orchards with a clear semblance to the uncultivated rough grounds, both have unique characteristics of hydrogeology, soil quality and climate. The whole area is cradled by Nyirség and the surrounding Carpathian mountains. Fruit has always played an organic part in the life of people living in Szatmár. Working with fruit and making food and drink of it have long traditions.

Different pálinkas and other produce like fruit juice, preserves and sun-dried fruit made from local endemic and other regional types of fruit ( Beszterce plum and Dunno plum; apples of the type Batul, Easter, Rosemary, Jonathán, Maiden tits and Sooty; walnut of Milota ) have excellent inner values and physiological effects.
Besides their unique and unmistakable flavour, a specifically high level of antioxidants and vitamins is characteristic of these products. Most of them are a real curiosity of gastronomy.

The technical administration of the Hungarian agriculture and food processing industry has examined the indigenous fruits and the products made from them, which all have a unique character, and has created a system of geological protection of origin for different kinds of pálinka. Thus now we have some protected categories in our region namely the plum and apple pálinka of Szatmár with an original taste and aroma, which can only be produced from the typical apple and plum types grown here within the region.


The village of Szamos dating back to the beginning of the 12th century can be found in this geological region, in the northern corner of the one-time Ecsedi moorland situated in the riffle of the rivers Tisza, Szamos and Kraszna. This village was a simple country town but later it had the rank of a royal free town during the historic times.

The fruits becoming the major commodity of trade for the region were grown on moorland farms in the good old times, whereas nowadays they are produced on plantations using methods based on long time tradition and experience.

Szamosszeg has always been acknowledged of its persistent love for work and land. Furthermore it has also been an outstanding cradle of culture. People living in Szamosszeg are well-known for their hard work, clear thinking and unconditional insistence on reality and clear and direct speech.

What does Szamosszeg mean for us? It is a revitalised heritage from ancient times. It is a tale which we heard from our grandparents in our childhood, a tale which has crystallized into reality for us during the past few years.