1. The Szamosszegi Pálinkahouse Ltd. together with its national research partners ( Nova Scienta Kft., James and Tailor Kft.) uses several new methods in the field of modern fermentation technologies in the course of which we analyse the relation between certain fermentation technologies and starting substrates and their products besides using cultured/improved fruit specific yeast strainsand so -called feed-batch system ferments.
  2. In our special projects of research and development in nutritional physiology we test thebioconversion under fermentation of compounds called flavonoids, which have a varied chemical structure and a special physiological effect and are found in high concentration in endemic fruits in Szatmár. We also examine their presence in the distillate that is our end-product, and in the by-product (stone, pips, skin), too

III. Our Pálinkahouse only uses internally developed fruit specific yeast strains due to which fact our output concerning our distillates surpasses the corresponding values of other pálinka making companies with 10-30%.


  1. Since 2014 we have paid full attention when forming our pálinka selection to making pálinka using the endemic or historic fruit grown or found in Hungary and if possible primarily in our surroundigs, using other types of fruit which are special to us from another aspect eg.: Maiden tits apple, Batul apple, Easter Rosemary apple, Sooty apple, Pepin apple of London, Blood-apple, White plum of Beszterce, Mirabolan plum also known as Tomato plum, Dunno plum, Pear ripening with barley, Gipsy sour cherry


  1. We are playing a pioneering role in the field of blending since several of our products are made by blending separately prepared pálinkas, some also get abedding.


  1. We label our pálinkas with their owngeneration/age group each year, since as it is the case with wine there are not two identical age groups with pálinka either.
  2. All our pálinkas have got a unique name, which makes it easier to be at home among our products made from the same fruit but having different alcohol strength or made with abedding. 


  1. Our pálinkas comply with top quality requirements, we make premium quality pálinka exclusively from flawless hand-selected indigenous fruit.
  2. Our pálinkas do not contain any additives, so they do not have any aromas, flavour enhancers or colorants either.

III. While our pálinka is in the making it is continuously monitored and analysed with the most up-to-date methods in our laboratory from the very beginning of the process i.e. from purchasing and quality control of the selected fruits, through making the mash right up to its distillation and bottling the ready pálinka.

  1. Our rigorous dedication to quality is shown by the fact that we only make pálinka from certain fruits on condition that the fruit-mash at our disposal is perfect quality.
  2. With the background of our highly developed laboratory and professional high-performance instrumental analytical capacity we have joined several projects of research and development in nutritional physiology and biotechnology, and started cooperation with the universities of Gödöllő and Debrecen.
  3. In our company we prepare our products using technology in accordance with the QMS 9001 family of standards and the HACCP food security system.


  1. Our Szamosszegi Pálinkahouse has been a regional demonstration venue for the tasks of the training of master of pálinka-making and master of pálinka flavour experts. The practical training and the practical exam, which are organised once or twice a year, take place in our Pálinkahouse. Those who successfully pass the exam geta National Qualifications Register (OKJ) diploma. 
  2. Besides training masters of pálinka-making, we have also created a professionalperception assessment centre to complete the parallel and simultaneous testing of the aroma and flavour of the distillates, furthermore we have coupled these assessment processes of the senses with displays due to our partnership with higher education.

III. All of our pálinkas are craftsmanship products taking all the conditions concerning this field laid down by the Hungarian Foodregister into consideration.