Pálinkahouse of Szamosszeg


Our distillery was rebuilt using the machinery left from the old manor. It was privatised after the 90ies and bought by Szamosszegi Pálinkahouse Ltd. in the summer of 2012. Our company is an enterprise with entire Hungarian ownership made up of young experts with excellent education fully dedicated to the trade, thinking of our grandfathers’ tedious work done in our orchards with great respect.

Our Pálinkahouse is in good technical condition considering both its architectural status and its plant equipment.We perform the distillation in the traditional two-stage pot-still system using a boiling pot of 500 litres and refinig pot of 370 litres.

Our rigorous dedication to quality is shown by the fact that we only make pálinka from certain fruits on condition that the fruit-mash at our disposal is perfect quality.

With the background of our highly developed laboratory and professional high-performance instrumental analytical capacity we have joined several projects of research and development in nutritional physiology and biotechnology, and started cooperation with the universities of Gödöllő and Debrecen.

Our Pálinkahouse has been a venue for regional practical education in the training of master of pálinka-making and master of flavour for many years.

We are proud that our company has become one of the dominant employers in Szamosszeg village. In parallel with the continuous enlargement of our plant we would also like to provide some more workplaces for the people living here.

We declare that “We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, but we borrow it from our children.” With this spirit we look after our fruit trees, make our pálinka and keep up a friendly relationship with our business partners and the people living in our surroundings.