A Hungaricum under community protection is a special, unique, typical and characteristic thing of only Hungary, which makes Hungarians famous all over the world. The 30th Law of the year 2012 on Hungarian National Values and Hungaricums, which entered into force July 6, 2012, accurately defines what is considered a Hungaricum.

It is a value worth distinction and prominence, which is a record output of the Hungarians due to its features typical of the Hungarians, its uniqueness, speciality and quality, which is considered a result of the effort made by the Hungarians, an outstanding value both in Hungary and abroad, it is a protected value of the nature, an excellent national product, which has been qualified as a Hungaricum by the Hungaricum Committee, and which is a Hungaricum by course of law.

The work of a Hungarian inventor or creator, a Hungarian product, the indigenous or improved animals or plants, the folk art, the music, the language of the Hungarians and the Hungarian literature can all be classified among Hungaricums. This attribute is sometimes used for social and public phenomena, too.


Irrespective of Hungaricums there are products in the European Union which have been granted protection of geographical origin. This means that goods labelled this way receive protection against abuse of using the designation. It is clearly marked „protected designation of origin” on the packaging or label of such a product.

The term pálinka has a registered designation of origin from among other fruit distillates, and within this category we have been granted geographical indication for certain demarcated regions and special fruit types within the area of the European Union. 

In the case of pálinkas with registered designation of origin we are talking about a group of pálinkas whose geographical origin and method of production are specifically determined and circumscribed, and under such circumstances their names are under protection within the European Union. 

It is valid for every pálinka protected with a geographical indication that their raw material is fruit grown or produced exclusively on the area which falls under geographical protection, and the making of the mash, its distillation, maturation and bottling can be done solely on the given geographical area. 

At the moment Hungary has eight kinds of pálinka with geographical indication, namely Plum Pálinka of Békés, Pear Pálinka of Göcsej, Apricot Pálinka of Gönc, Apricot Pálinka of Kecskemét, Grape-skin Pálinka of Pannonhalma, Apple Pálinka of Szabolcs, Plum Pálinka of Szatmár, Sour Cherry Pálinka of Újfehértó. 


It is a Hungarian pálinka, a distillate having protected designation of origin, clear like a mirror, pale yellowish due to ageing with a stone-flavour resembling bitter almond. Its alcohol content is 40%. It is made exclusively from using plum meaning the perfectly ripe fruit of the types Penyige and Beszterce plums.

We are entitled to use the georgaphical indication on products made from plums grown in Vásárosnamény and another 63 villages in the neighbourhood all of them being situated in Eastern Hungary in County Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg. The Plum pálinka of Szatmár can exclusively be produced and bottled in distilleries situated in this area.

Out of the premium quality plum pálinkas produced by Szamosszeg Pálinkahouse Ltd. the Szamosszeg Szatmár Plum Pálinka with Stones called RASCALLY, the Szamosszeg Szatmár Plum Pálinka on Bedding called GIRL’S KISS and the Plum Pálinka of Szamosszeg Szatmár called DAWNING are ranked as pálinkas with protected designation of origin.


When freshly made it is a colourless, especially clear fruit distillate which turns slightly yellowish due to ageing. It is a distillate of fruit with an aromatic taste and bouquet of apples. It is one of the brands of Hungarian pálinka with protected designation of origin.

The raw material of the apple pálinka with a registered designation of origin of „Szabolcs” is the apple grown within the area of County Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg. The fame of the Hungarian apple production all over the world rests on this type of apple. On about 50% of the fruit producing areas of the county they grow apples mainly of the types Jonagold, Golden and Red delicious and the type Idared.

We have had records on growing apples in Szabolcs back from the 18th century. Since there is no wine-making in this area, the apple pálinka is considered the most important own-produced alcoholic drink. The apple pálinka of Szabolcs can exclusively be produced and bottled in distilleries or plants situated within the circumscribed area.

From among the premium quality apple pálinkas produced by Szamosszeg Pálinkahouse Ltd. the Szamosszeg Szabolcs Jonathán Apple Pálinka called WRATHFUL, the Szamosszeg Szabolcs Golden Apple pálinka called GOLDEN BIRD, and also the Szamosszeg Szabolcs Bedded Apple Pálinkas called STORY-TELLER and SMILING are ranked as pálinkas with protected designation of origin.